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On July 1 the Maine Support Network became a division of Syntiro!

Since 1986 the Maine Support Network has been serving educators across the state of Maine by providing high quality and engaging professional development and technical assistance, and this will continue to be the focus of MSN.

Over the last five years our work has expanded greatly, throughout the United States and internationally. Our expanded work includes the areas of health and wellness, employment supports for individuals with disabilities, college preparation and access, and organizational development, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning.

We have chosen a new name that better represents the common focus of the different areas into which we have expanded and that name is Syntiro, the Greek word for “support.”

Support is at the heart of all that we do here at Syntiro as we address the varied needs of our clients?local, state, and federal agencies, educators, employers, organizations and individuals—with creativity, knowledge, and innovation. Our team brings varied and extensive leadership experience to assist in designing solutions that achieve the desired results.

Headquartered in Readfield, Maine, Syntiro can be reached at office@syntiro.org, 207.685.3171 or at www.syntiro.org.