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The Chicago Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was formed in 2009 by a group of longtime local surfers and activists who are committed to protecting our freshwater waves, beaches, and shorelines. The loose aggregation of individuals, many of whom had never met, formed around a beach access issue involving Chicago's laws regarding flotation devices - which was enough to prevent surfers from getting in the water, strange as that may sound. With a careful presentation of their m.o. and goals to the Parks Dept., the ban was lifted on the city beaches ... and in the process a Chapter was born! We are now gathering regularly to clean up beaches, partner with other regional and national environmental campaigns, strengthen the surfing/water enthusiast network, and maybe have some fun while we're at it. See you in the line up, or visit us at surfrider.org/chicago.

PS - all photos used in this calendar are by our very own shooter extraordinaire, Mike Killion (greatlakessurfer.com)