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Create a custom calendar that honors your family members. Choose up to 13 photos of your family members to place into the calendar. Educate your younger family members about your family and honor loved ones at the same time.

50% of proceeds from the sale of all calendars will go directly to Kids That Care. A San Diego based organization comprised of kids that want to make a difference in the community. Group activities include beach and park clean ups, senior citizen home visits, and more.

Example Photos From a Sample Honor Your Family Calendar:

December 2010 - Grandpa William "PoPo"(Grandpa Larry's Dad)
January 2011 - Grandma Jene (Mommy's Mom)
February 2011 - Grandpa Al (Grandma Elaine's Dad)
March 2011 - Great Great Grandpa Christian
April 2011 - Great Grandma Rose (Grandma Jene's Mom)
May 2011 - Grandpa Larry (Daddy's Dad)
June 2011 - Great Grandma Lila "Granny" (Grandpa Larry's Mom)
July 2011 - Aunt Helen (Grandma Minnie's Sister)
August 2011 - Grandma Minnie "Gramma" (Grandma Elaine's Mom)
September 2011 -Grandma Elaine (Daddy's Mom)
October 2011 - Grandpa Vern "Sugar Pop" (Mommy's Dad)
November 2011 - Great Great Grandpa O'neal
December 2011 - Family Pets