The text you write will appear on every calendar purchased from your website. Please consider whether your buyer will find this appealing.

You may use all caps if you wish. This text will print along with standard U.S. holidays and any personal text the buyer added when they create their own custom calendars. This text will also print on a “standard calendar” that your organization has designed and made available on your website.

Sign In

After you sign in you will land on the first page in the process to create or edit your website - the Organization Info page or to edit your website choosing one of the steps above.


Creating a profile is a registration tool that includes your access to upgrade or change your personal website through using your username and password on the template website
Your email will be your username.

The Terms and Conditions agreement should be thoroughly read before you agree. It allows the relationship between Tidelines and partner to function to benefit both entities.

Once you register you will receive an email acknowledgement that prompts you to re-enter the site and continue building your custom calendar website. The confirmation usually occurs within 30 seconds but has taken up to an hour.

Sales Reports

On the partner site is where the sales reports are viewed giving monthly totals for sales and commissions. Sales are tracked for each sub-group entered on the website on the structure page

Promo Codes

The use of promo codes allows the organization the ability to gift or reward its members or offer special promotions for donations or membership renewals. The 5-digit codes are available for purchase from Tidelines. They are placed on the partner website and their usage is automatically recorded for viewing.

For single promo codes (that can be given to individuals) click on Buy Single Promo Codes. You can purchase any quantity and receive separate code numbers to give out. The cost is $15.00 per code (we pay shipping/handling). Your calendar buyer enters the code at check out and clicks “update order” which changes the dollar amount to $0.00. The codes “created” and “used” are tracked on the promo code page.

To purchase quantity promo codes used by the organization to print and re-sell quantities over 10 click on Buy Quantity Promo Codes. The cost is $10.00 per calendar (we pay shipping). Your purchase will create one code for the quantity purchased. When ordering from your website enter the promo code and click “update order” which changes the dollar amount to $0.00. You may only use the code for one calendar design. If you want different calendar dates, images, or images designs you need to purchase separate codes.