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The mission of The Humane Society of Odessa is the prevention of cruelty to
animals, relief from suffering and education for the community.  The purpose
is to provide humane care and treatment for all animals in need of
protection, with emphasis on locating suitable homes for animals that have
no families.  It is our desire to provide a safe, comfortable, happy place
for the animals in our care until they can find their forever families.  We
provide immunizations, spay and neutering and vet care for all of our
animals.  We hold shot clinics to provide the rabies vaccine and
immunizations to the public at a low cost.  This will provide protection for
animals that might not otherwise receive this.  It is also our goal to help
provide free food, cat litter and other supplies to senior citizens on a
tight, fixed budget.  We know that these animals are their close companions
and too often the only family they have.  We also provide free food to
low-income families.  We hope that this will insure that animals receive
proper nutrition and remain healthy and happy.