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The Shelter wast started in 1985 when a Bella Vista sheriff's deputy named Phil Scumbiato recognized the need to house the many abandoned animals in the Bella Vista area. He started with an 8'x12' shed.

We have since expanded to 5500 square feet where we have provided shelter and care for thousands of animals. Together, we have the ability and resources to comfort and love animals who would otherwise suffer needlessly.

The welfare of the animal is the driving force behind this operation. "Cold Noses and Warm Hearts" are our inspiration.

Thank you for believing in our "Pawsible Dream" to rescue & rehabilitate homeless animals until they can be adopted to loving homes! It is our belief that within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved.

Thank you for supporting us!
The "cold noses and warm hearts" that call the Shelter Home send grateful kisses!!