Dec 2010 29

CalendarLink Featured on CNN's "Giving in Focus"

On Christmas Day, we were featured on CNN's "Giving in Focus." We're proud to be mentioned along side the other wonderful people and organizations. Thank you CNN. Read More

Dec 2010 21

Biggest “Giving Days” Near

According to The Case Foundation, we’re headed into the two biggest giving days of the year: December 30 and 31st, when a staggering 22% of all annual giving happens in a mere 48 hours. Read More

Dec 2010 16

Patch 2010 Holiday Guide

Patch.com is a new collection of community websites, and this month it included CalendarLink in its 2010 Holiday Guide! Read More

Dec 2010 02

Thanks, Ranch and Coast Magazine

The December issue of Ranch and Coast Magazine, with Larry King on the cover, features CalendarLink on page 49. It’s part of a series called “A Tribute to Giving Back.” Read More

Nov 2010 30


I had a great Thanksgiving and I’m hoping you all did too. Read More

Nov 2010 19

Surfrider calendars showcase Tom Servais

Read More

Nov 2010 08

Healthy Fund Raising Isn’t a Gimmick

We’re happy to see that Nonprofit World Wide Web has posted our story about CalendarLink as a “healthy” alternative to fundraising. Read More

Nov 2010 05

Surfing Heritage Museum and Gift Store Opens at South Coast Plaza

One of my favorite CalendarLink partners is the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente. It was founded by some of the biggest names in the sport, like Dick Metz who founded Hobie Sports and Tom Pezman, a legendary surfer who serves as the Foundation’s executive director. Read More

Oct 2010 25

Taking the Junk Out of School Fundraising

I’ve never liked the concept of raising money off of junk. In the age of obesity awareness, it’s unfortunate that many school fundraisers still rely on selling unhealthy products. Read More

Oct 2010 22

Protecting the great apes with CalendarLink

Non-profit organizations that protect animals are gravitating to CalendarLink. Read More

Calendar Guy Blog:

Occasional musings from John Conover about some of the people, processes, pains and pleasures of starting a new business.

Hi, I’m John Conover, a longtime So Cal surfer and creator/owner of Tidelines calendars. As I approach the 30th anniversary of Tidelines, I’m starting a new venture called CalendarLink.org, a free fund-raising tool for non-profit groups and charitable organizations. Here are some of the stories of the process, the people, the pains and the pleasures of being the Calendar Guy.